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Zack Snyder’s Watchmen  is more than a superhero movie as much as anyone would argue it is just that. Rather, it’s a story about normal people who take responsibility. A film about the fragility of our society, about acceptance and about the power of science. It’s base material is the comic books with the same name, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. We are taken to an alternate … Continue reading Watchmen

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About good games and wasting time.

When I was a kid I could only play Mario when my father wasn’t around. I was with my eyes stuck on the screen and my ears at the door, so I won’t get caught when he’d come home. He had something that seemed a weird idea about playing video games, my father, as he always told me to play chess or anything that’s not virtual. It … Continue reading About good games and wasting time.


Can you feel my season?

You felt  warm – for a second – my peace and my war. You were the lioness, I was the king. Did you forget who we were or do you still dream of the Spring?   I held you – as we gazed at the stars,  and I felt you fading away – that was a bummer. Alone I walked through the Gardens of Mars  and vainly I waited for Summer.    The rays of my sadness were sharp … Continue reading Can you feel my season?