The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

The Drawing of the Three is the second part of The Dark Tower series written by Stephen King. For my own delight, i started the book on a plane and managed to finish it on Northern Sea shores. I know some of you haven’t got the opportunity to start the series yet, so be warned, there are some spoilers from the first book following this paragraph.

The story continues after the actions depicted in the previous novel, or maybe 10 years have passed since The Gunslinger caught with The Man In Black on the Golgotha, as time is a strange matter in the Midd-Earth. There, he reads Roland’s fate with his tarot cards: The Sailor, The Prisoner, The Lady of Shadows, Death (“but not for you, Gunslinger”), Life (which the wizard burns) and the Tower in the middle of the cards. After that encounter, Roland felt asleep and when he woke up, The Man In Black was nothing but bones.

As the second novel begins, The Gunslinger finds himself on the sand of the Western Sea where a creature looking like a giant lobster attacks him, ripping off his fingers. The wound gets infected and the fever almost kills him. With his last strength he drags himself across the beach until he finds a strange door, with a name written on it. Beyond that door, as the title suggests, he will meet three persons destined to cross their fate with his.

This second part is quite different from the first one. I wouldn’t go and say better or worst. The writing is more complex, the plot widens, new characters are presented, each of the, being gracefully crafted, and most important, believable. This is for sure one of my favorite reading. I’m looking forward to continue my journey alongside Roland towards The Dark Tower.


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