Interstellar [2014]

I have to say, this movie got me a bit wet. And by that i mean I cried a little. Interstellar is an emotional journey, a science fiction screening at it’s finest. I enjoyed every bit of it. The movie caught my attention long before it’s release, I guess with it’s first poster, and climbed the way to the number one in my watchlist with each teaser. But I was excited and scared at the same time. We now live in an era where a great trailer doesn’t means a great movie, an era when they will do anything to make you spend your damn 5 bucks to see the movie in theater. So yes, i was afraid it might be just one of those movies. Another Prometheus: spectacular trailer, awesome CG, but disappointing story, resulting in, at most, a mediocre movie.

Interstellar does have stunning visual effects, the story is delightful and the acting, while not the most spectacular in the history of film, it’s sufficient for what it is. The timeline of the movie is in the near future. The weather is all messed up for you-know-what-reason (not global warming), the crops fail, giant dust storms are ravaging the surface of the planet and putting a meal on the table becomes a daily struggle for all whom are still alive. While circle closes, a way out is found. Joseph Cooper, a trained pilot, faces the decision of leaving his family, never to see them again, for the opportunity to find a new home for humankind in a voyage that will take him far beyond our solar system. Our own survival as a species is at stake and he know that very well.

The story takes unexpected ways, showing the good and the bad in people, the beauty and the fright of space. If you love science-fiction do not hesitate to see this movie. If you have a friend and you want to convince him that science-fiction is cool, but you don’t want to make a fool of yourself with a crappy movie, buy the DVD and watch it. Or I guess there is always Sharknado as an alternative.


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