Under the Dome [2013]

It’s a beautiful morning, normal as any other, in the small town of Chester Mill. The usual, you know, a guy burying  a corpse in the woods here, a politician reading a book there, all the fun stuff. As the ground starts shaking, with no other warning, an invisible dome separates the small town from the rest of the world. What this mysterious barrier is and where did it came from, that’s yet for you to find out if you decide to watch the show which was based on the novel with the same name, written by Stephen King. But the TV series only stays true to the book with the initial setting and most of the characters names.

The show explores human behavior under unexpected circumstances, showing how apparent morality really is, how little it takes to fall towards darkness when your own survival it’s at stake and how even the best of people have their own dirty secrets and demons. The story is alert, keeping you at the edge of your seat, tension builds up with every episode, the characters are complex, as you will never get to fully love or only hate any of them. Ok, except Junior Rennie. That guys is distasteful all the way. Even Big Jim comes as an actually nice guy from time to time, who’s big weakness is only his wish to keep the town from falling apart. Having all the power for himself comes only as bonus. Nobody does all the hard work for free after all.

Under no circumstances this show will become your absolute TV series ever, but it’s worth watching. Even if the interruption between seasons are way too long, the cliffhangers are always strong enough to make you watch it again when it comes back.

 What would you do if you’d find yourself trapped under a dome with no way out?


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