Edge of Tomorrow [2014]

How much would you pay to see Tom Cruise die, over and over again? Now you can do that for as little as 14.22$ or how much does a movie on DVD costs these days. Joke aside, Edge Of Tomorrow is a great movie: action packed, straight forward, the CG is awesome and the story does not disappoint. As much as I don’t like Tom Cruise, unlike other actors, (I’m talking about you Nicolas Cage) this guy knows how to choose the movies he plays in. This one is inspired by the Japanese novel and manga “All you need is kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

A race of bad and ugly aliens invaded Earth. They wants us all dead and in addition to that, they have the ability to manipulate time. So every time one of them dies, they reset the day so that the fellow alien gets to avoid the circumstances of his death. As we discover later, that’s only valid for some of them, as they have a hierarchy with the Alpha individuals on top and some lives value more than other. It looks like the aliens are assholes too.

Lt. Col. Bill Cage finds himself thrown in the final battle, the all-in offensive, which is a hint to the Normandy landings. Actually the movie was released June 6th, 2014 in the U.S. which was the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion during WWII.

Cage gets killed just minutes after the landing but he wakes up back on the ship, hours before the invasion even started. He’s caught in a time loop and every time he dies, the day stars over. Joined by Rita Vrataski, a hero from the battle of Verdun in the initial invasion, he uses his ability to improve his fighting skills and gain new intel about the enemy, in order to find a way to win the war.

Edge of Tomorrow surprised me with it’s simplicity. No unnecessary subplots, no attempt to explain what does not need any elucidation. These guys have a story, and they just show it. If you like science-fiction, this one is definitely a good choice.


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