The Dark Tower closer to becoming a movie

Sony and MRC are teaming to bring Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series on the screen.  Awesome news for all the fans of the books out there: a series of movies to cover the main story of Roland’s journey to The Dark Tower, and a companion TV show to cover, I would presume, the fall of Gilead and the decay of Mid-World.

This is only my personal assumption yet the one that makes more sense. And I find this idea to be brilliant, the conjunction between the big screen and TV. One of the problems Stephen King’s masterpiece encountered on it’s road to become a movie was that the world was too extensive. There was way to much to be put on screen in order to make it coherent. But making an adjacent TV show to explain all that happened in the past, without having to always interrupt the main story with flashbacks, would sure solve this problem. It’s brilliant, really.

But before you die of excitement,  remember that Universal, Warner Bros and HBO, all buried the project eventually, due to it’s colossal costs. Some say this would be way more expensive than the Lord of the Rings movies. It’s a risky gamble for Sony, but if things go right, they might see themselves with a golden goose franchise on their hands. I really hope this time it will become a reality. What do you guys think?

Post cover credit to ivany86


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