Childhood’s End miniseries coming out in December

While the internet is losing it’s shit over the new Star Wars VII trailer, the first teaser for the upcoming miniseries adaptation of Childhood’s End made it’s way to the web. There is something mysterious about this short video. The voice, the attitude, I mean look at that smile in the end: it’s like he’s thinking “you guys have no idea what’s coming“. It’s spooky. An that’s exactly how I felt when I read the book.

I’m a huge fan of Arthur C. Clarke’s work and especially the mind-fuck that is Childhood’s End. I can’t wait to see how this will develop. The miniseries, created by SyFy, was announced to be premiered sometime in December this year. This teaser sure had the power to raise my expectations. You can see the video bellow:

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2 thoughts on “Childhood’s End miniseries coming out in December

  1. (Staying spoiler free here): If this show stays true to the novel then religious groups are gonna go bat-you-know-what-crazy angry over this. It initially troubled me but Clarke’s novel brilliantly explains the shock & why it is not done to cheap effect & affect.
    That better not be Dance’s character in his actual rendering for the 3 night event or else the producers will have laid.waste to the book.


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