Asimov’s Foundation to become an HBO series

It might be old news for some of you as this was announced in November 2014. I just came across the information and if I missed it for so long, I bet there are others who don’t know it yet.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy is being in development by HBO and it’s said to become a TV series. Foundation and HBO in the same sentence sounds great, right?  Add Jonathan Nolan, the mastermind behind Interstellar to this equation, and your brain might just explode out of excitement.

For those of you who do not know, the Foundation Trilogy is Isaac Asimov’s iconic work, often compared with the Dune series. It tells the story of Hari Seldon, a mathematician who has created the science of psychohistory by which it is possible to predict future events by extrapolating from historic trends. He is the one who realizes that The Galactic Empire is imperceptibly declining towards complete destruction. He creates a shadow organisation called the Foundation who’s purpose is to preserve the human civilization.

I’m so thrilled about this and the fact that HBO is behind the project makes me hopeful that they will save no money on the awesome CG this adaptation deserves. No other official news are available at this time but I will make sure to share with you any updates I might come across. Do you think that Foundation is a good choice for a TV series? What other sci-fi book or series do you think could make a perfect TV adaptation?

I can’t wait to see how they decide to present the city-planet of Trantor, the capital of the Galactic Empire. But until then, you can envision it in the art of Gouie, who’s amazing image I used in this post’s cover.

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48 responses to “Asimov’s Foundation to become an HBO series

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  2. ACC’s rendezvous with rama could be great. Doesn’t seem like Freeman is ever going to shoot it.


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  5. Jonathan Nolan is Christopher’s brother, they both make movies. Jonathan wrote the script for Interstellar then his brother changed some of it.


  6. this is the greatest news ever! 🙂 i was actually talking to some friends of mine recently about how cool it would be to see a movie based on Foundation. GG HBO!!! 🙂


  7. Dragos , is Jonathan Nolan, the screenwriter – the brother of Christopher Nolan – the director 🙂


  8. Dan Simmons’ Hyperion would be quite the thing as a multi-storied series… AMC/Netflix reading this? 😀


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  10. I thought it was just me. I have just ( for the umpteenth time) read both The Foundation Trilogy AND Time Enough For Love. Would like to start with Methusaleh’s Children as a pilot of sorts though.


  11. The end of eternity, by Asimon himself, also, I wouild love to watch an adaptation for Ringworld by Larry niven :3 (and I’m not talking about Halo, but a real ringworld!)


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  13. Thank you, I’ll make sure to correct it. I use this blog to improve my English so observations are more than welcome.

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  16. Probably 40 years ago I read the Foundation books. Now I balance work. I have the bad habit of watching TV and movies. I am glad that I read Foundation when I did. Mr. Asimov DID write a story with plot twists. He also provided a unique perspective of how scientists might analyze humanity (from the perspective of “psychohistory”). I believe an HBO series could be made entertaining. I hope youngsters learn as much from TV as I did from reading.


  17. Hum, i’m not sure i want to see Foundation made by Jonathan Nolan. To be honest i was really disappointed by Interstellar. But when i watched it i was looking for some scifi, not just some suspense movie


  18. I am so happy and if they do as good a job a they have on GOT it should be amazing. Was worried about a movie as they really fell short with the Ender’s Game movie. Think the speaks for the dead side of that series would be amazing but probably too boring for people. Rama would be great. WOuld have been nice if they finished the Space Odyssey story. So many series that could be done as TV shows.. cannot think straight enough to choose another. Nightfall book would be great movie.


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  22. Duh! 3? That’s so easy….. “The Caves of Steel,” The Robots of Dawn,” and “Robots & Empire” PRIOR to the Foundation series.


  23. @Lee You missed The Naked Sun.. together with the Caves of Steel, Robots of Dawn and Robots & Empire they are the Robot Series… I would also love to see a good tv show about Riverworld by Phillip Jose Farmer (notthing like the bad movie they made a few years back).. There are so many great hard sci-fi series that could be adapted, but the one I have been waiting for a long time to watch is Foundation!:)


  24. I’m a bit skeptical that the Foundation series can be adapted, but I think if it has to be done TV is the best way. It works with the episodic nature of the original trilogy.


  25. I’m sure you loyal Asimov fans know this, but the Foundation series actually comprises seven books, not three. Many years after the original trilogy was published, Asimov wrote two sequels (Foundation’s Edge and Foundation and Earth) and two prequels (Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation). In the unlikely case that you haven’t read them yet, go find them. You’re in for a treat.


  26. I’ve been reading this series since I fell in love with Asimov as child reading his short stories, and the Norby series. The Foundation Series is amazing! There are truly brilliant ideas there and they have such great capacity to be terrific 9n screen if done well. While I’m hoping there will be some action and adult whatnot, it would be nice to see the original flavor not get lost in sex and violence and/or endless drama.


  27. Just started to read the Foundation books again – 3rd time – and first time beginning with “Prelude to Foundation” (a bridge to the Robot novels).

    That book alone could be a first season!


  28. Not sure this is a great idea. The original Foundation Trilogy is mostly talk. That’s ok for a thoughtful book, maybe not for a tv show that needs excitement. They can strip it down to events rather than try to capture all the dialogue, but then it won’t really be Asimov’s work.


  29. Jim: Have you seen Game of thrones? 90% of the serie is talk….
    Any update on this topic?


  30. Reading Foundation now – I was wondering how this was not turned into a movie or series already. Happy to see this is happening. Will be keeping my ear to the ground for progress.


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