What if everything you know is a made-up story?

A giant solar eruption destroys almost all the satellites, causing a global failure to all the electronic devices. Such a failure is proven to have an unexpected impact not only on the daily life on our planet, but it seems to affect the perception of reality itself.

I had to watch this short film several times in order the come close to the feeling that I’m starting to understand it. And that’s a good thing as it’s philosophical take it’s better let to debate. There’s a dark feel to this movie, it’s madness and feeling of uncertainty that have the power to make you doubt everything for a brief moment: what if everything you know is a made-up story? How much can you trust your own eyes?

Aside of it’s clear resemblance to the blockbuster Matrix, I must remark the amazing special effects, also the acting is great as this is just a short film. All these elements seems to have drawn the attention of the major production studios because, according to deadline.com, Warner Bros has won an auction for the right to create a feature out of the 14-minute short film. Have a great… Well, have a great Sunday!

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