Gunslinger wanted

I am now at Wizard and Glass with the Dark Tower series and after all the madness about Sony making the movie, I couldn’t stop but thinking that they need to choose not one, but two actors to play Roland.

The mature Roland is a challenge for any actor and as I said before, my personal favorite for the role is Viggo Mortensen. He has something in his eyes – the untold stories and the pain he never shares with anyone. But the young gunslinger sure needs as much attention. I’ve come to meet the young version of the Gunslinger and is he fire or what? They need an actor who needs to be the right age and whose visual appearance must resemble the grown-up version. He also needs to be a good performer, also we would need to have great chemistry with the rest of the group.

I admit I am not up to date with all the very young and talented actors, so what do you believe to be the best pair of actors to play both versions of Roland in a Dark Tower movie?


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