Daybreakers – a sci-fi vampire flick

Daybreakers is the film whose trailer promised to forever change the way we perceive vampires in movies.  Yet it eventually managed to be just another mediocre film with nasty bloodsuckers. I never liked vampires.

The idea of ​​the film has, indeed, potential:  In the near future, a terrible epidemic breaks out, resulting in the transformation of most human population into blood thirsty vampires, with all the ups  (immortality) and downs (sunlight vulnerability) a classic vampire life would give you. But there’s a little problem: with the majority of the human population being transformed, uninfected human blood resources become increasingly scarce as only 5% of the population remains untouched by the plague. So normal people are being hunted and kept to be harvested for blood in rooms similar to the the ones in the Matrix.

The main character is Edward Dalton, a hematologist, a vampire himself, who is striving to find a substitute for human blood, trying to save the human species from total extinction.

The film really begins when the scientist is contacted by some human survivors claiming to have found the cure for vampirism. From here on, the film is a continuous chaise as it seems most of the vampires are unwilling to give up the powers that the turning gave them.

The film has all the ingredients of a vampire classic: crossbows, bats, pale skin, blood, more blood, even more blood and of course sunlight of destruction. What’s new is lightproof vehicles using video cameras for exterior vision, or special military costumes that allow the vampires to face the sun.

As for me this film is just another Hollywood stunt, an unfortunate combination between a zombie movie, True Blood and The Matrix, where the effects are more important than the story with stupid lines and flat characters . Keep in mind that the idea has allot of potential as I dare to say it’s not a complete waste of time. I’m sure it’s not as bad as it seemed to me. I’m not a really a vampire fan so I might be biased. You might like this if you are a fan of ugly blood sucking monsters with no taste for originality.


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