Mad Max: Fury Road – A lovely day indeed

Was I hyped for this one or what? Mad Max: Fury Road hit theaters last weekend and had an estimated $109.4 million grossing world-wide with  $44.4 million in the United States alone in just 3 days. With a budget of $150 million, I believe it’s safe to say that the return of George Miller’s Mad Max franchise is going to be a profitable one. There are 2 new movies to be made to complete a new trilogy with a second installment title already announced: Mad Max: The Wasteland, according to


The excellent reviews and an 8.8 score on IMDb are well deserved. The movie is spectacular, a cinematographic old school masterpiece, one you should not miss seeing on the big screen. Mad Max: Fury Road will make you forgot to breathe as I haven’t seen such a dynamic movie since Crank. The movie doesn’t win many points for the storytelling in a conventional way, but it creates such a great atmosphere that the visuals are so immersive that I needed a few full minutes to get myself back to reality. Unexpected, there’s not allot of CGI in Mad Max: Fury Road. This feature is used exclusively when needed and there’s not a single moment when you would think that it’s too much.


I won’t talk about the plot of the movie, I would only say that that the title is fully deserved. Tom Hardy is the perfect Max as I can’t imagine somebody else for the role. Charlize Theron is also a great addition to the cast of the movie and I’m looking forward to see more of her in the future. There is allot to be discovered from the Mad Max universe. I would definitely love to learn more about the flamethrower guitar guy! This guy alongside that chastity belt were some of the hilariously awesome parts of the movie. And I have to mention how much I enjoyed the sandstorm sequence. It was beyond epic. Make sure you go and watch this in cinema. It won’t dissapoint. And now back to waiting for the game to come out.


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