People come and people will depart from our lives. Some we love, others we hate or despise. A few serve us as models for what we want to become. There are those people who hurt us and we continue to love them while others have never wronged us, yet we let them go like they never were. There are some ties transcending time, logic or destiny. There are people whom we loved and  thought that we always will, and that only became anonymous among anonymous.

People come and go from our lives. People whom we said that we will never forget and yet we remember nothing about. People like us and different people. People whom we think we understand and people we don’t know how to decipher. There are people who influence us through what they are and people that shape us through what they lack. People come and people go from our lives. And if you are lucky enough, there’s that one person that stays forever no matter what. 


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