Can you feel my season?

You felt  warm – for a second – my peace and my war.

You were the lioness, I was the king.

Did you forget who we were

or do you still dream of the Spring?


I held you – as we gazed at the stars, 

and I felt you fading away – that was a bummer.

Alone I walked through the Gardens of Mars 

and vainly I waited for Summer. 


The rays of my sadness were sharp as a knife,

you are a storm and I sank to the bottom.

Sick of the turmoil of this life

I covered myself with the leaves of your Autumn.


A tremble – cold as a snake – slowly creeps from inside –

you feel glacial, your nights ache like a splinter.

Tell me dear, surrendered to your pride,

can you deal with your Winter?



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