Zack Snyder’s Watchmen  is more than a superhero movie as much as anyone would argue it is just that. Rather, it’s a story about normal people who take responsibility. A film about the fragility of our society, about acceptance and about the power of science. It’s base material is the comic books with the same name, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons.


We are taken to an alternate reality where United States of America won the Vietnam war, but where the threat of nuclear conflict is still as real as  it was during the history we know.

It all begins with the murdering of the Comedian, when an unknown individual breaks into his apartment. After this we take a visual journey back in time with what I call the most amazing use of a opening screen I have ever seen. The short flash-back explains us the present of the movie: in times of unrest, criminals could avoid punishment as they wore costumes and they could not be identified. A few lawmen will use the same trick in order to in order to make sure justice is served. And so, the group later known as Watchmen, is born.

In the present days of 1985, Rorschach is the last of the masked heroes that’s still active. Investigating the death of comedian, one of the colleagues with whom he fought crime back in the days, he concludes that there is a more serious threat. Not only the old group of heroes are in danger, but of humanity as a whole. To face this threat, the old gang must come out of retirement, with the risk of unraveling past secrets, so that they could save humankind.

The character that impressed me the most in this film was Dr. Manhattan, the only one in the group of heroes that has actual super powers. Following a bizarre accident during an experiment, scientist Jonathan Osterman receives a mysterious aura, as well as a blue pigmentation of his skin, along side with the ability to manipulate matter as he please. He also gets the ability to see the future. He becomes the main advantage USA has in it’s quest for World domination. At the same time, aware that the future is not too bright for humanity, he’s trying to find way out of the way of extinction.tumblr_ms5j4hQNsd1sqaqhdo2_500.gif

I will not give too many details further as everything else comes in as a surprise. As for me, Watchmen is a masterpiece, with a compelling story and a  mind-blowing  denouement, it climbed it’s way to my favorite movie of all time. I remember when I watched it for the first time, I stayed awake all night thinking about it.

What I really liked is that Zack Snyder took his time in order to tell the story exactly as he intended. So, If you decide to watch it take an entire evening for it and get enough popcorn as this movie lasts around 200 minutes, if you decide to see the ultimate director’s cut, which I strongly suggest.


Ex Machina – A dream in black and white

Ex Machina intrigued me just by reading it’s synopsis and there was only one word I could think of to describe it: unsettling. Ex Machina is a spectacular sci-fi take on Artificial Intelligence. While the subject was popular and used constantly ever since we invented the concept of Artificial Inteligence, Ex Machina wins at least two major points: the scenography of the movie and the amazing acting. You will never feel that you see actors doing their stuff. Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson are so good with their roles that I had the feeling I witness something both amazing and terrifying. You can actually see the genius madness into Nathan’s eyes.  If that’s not great acting, I don’t not what is.


The movie debuts with Caleb, a young programmer who works for Bluebook, an internet giant, the movie’s version of Google. The young coder is selected to participate to an exclusive Turing Test for a newly created AI. He is invited by the the company’s CEO, Nathan, to his remote research facility somewhere in the middle of nowhere. (The amazing house from the film is actually in Norway.)


The uncomfortable feeling  of the movie begins as soon as Caleb enters the facility, You get the clear sensations that this is not going to be a fairy tale. And it isn’t. Caleb is genuinely excited about the opportunity to be the person chosen to perform the test, as well as scared that he has to meet the CEO of the company he works for.

The movie follows the way the relationship between Caleb and Ava develops. Ava is the android who’s put at test as Caleb must decide if her self-consciousnesses is real or not. I won’t get into much more details plot wise – but you have to trust me on this one – there are some weird, twisted things happening inside that facility. And the fact that there are only a handful of characters in Ex Machina, that creates the perfect opportunity for some really deep philosophical and scientific discussions.


Ex Machina is a visual delight and some hard to digest food for thought, as this subject is more actual than ever. Should we really create something that outsmarts us? The renowned physicist Stephen Hawkins warned us that creating artificial intelligence will most likely lead to the extinction of the human species. What a cheerful thought! I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this one to be honest. Did you guys liked Ex Machina? It was one of the best movies I’ve seen lately.


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