The Shaman

“The dark year 2204, in a world that has seen 73 years of continuous war. Recently mankind re-discovered the arts of Shamanism. The Shaman’s school of thought believes that every person or object has a soul. During battle Shamans step over into the Netherworld to find and convert the souls of their enemies’ giant battle machines. This tactic enables a single man to overcome an invincibly seeming steel monster.

This is the story of Joshua, a Shaman, who is sent on a mission to convert the soul of a giant battle colossus. He does not yet know that the soul is prepared for his coming and that the deadly psychological soul-to-soul confrontation in the Netherworld will be on eye level.”


The Gift – not the regular sci-fi film you are used to see

Directed by Carl E. Rinsch, ‘The Gift’ Belongs to the “Pararell Lines” Phillips Cinema. Placed in Russia, The Gift is a Sci-Fi short filled with allot of action sequences and an amazing atmosphere depicting a futuristic city of Moscow. More than 20 individual CGI were shot for this short movie resulting in a stunning work of art. Enjoy!

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