dariusMy name is Dario Pecarov, I’m 30 years old and I use my free time to write science-fiction and horror stories. Meaning i was writing a few short stories back in the days, none of them in English and now i’m writing my Novel every time i feel inspired and I have time. Typical wash-out writer story, right? 

I have a cat called Tuchi and a computer named Normandy. I try to read as much as possible, I got this part right from Mr. King, I also play video games and I love movies. This blog is going to be my playground. You will find out what games I’ve played recently, what movies I recommend, thoughts about the books I read, and maybe, just maybe, some new short stories.

I will use this blog to improve so that I can soon start writing my stories straight into English. So feel free to correct any errors you may find. I promise not to get mad and rant about it as long as you treat me as you would like to be treated yourself.