The Shaman

This is the story of Joshua, a Shaman, who is sent on a mission to convert the soul of a giant battle colossus. He does not yet know that the soul is prepared for his coming and that the deadly psychological soul-to-soul confrontation in the Netherworld will be on eye level.” Continue reading The Shaman


What if everything you know is a made-up story?

I had to watch this short film several times in order the come close to the feeling that I’m starting to understand it. And that’s a good thing as it’s philosophical take it’s better let to debate. There’s a dark feel to this movie, it’s madness and feeling of uncertainty that have the power to make you doubt everything for a brief moment. What if everything you know is a made-up story? How much can you trust your own mind? Continue reading What if everything you know is a made-up story?

Interstellar [2014]

I have to say, this movie got me a bit wet. And by that i mean I cried a little. Interstellar is an emotional journey, a science fiction screening at it’s finest. I enjoyed every bit of it. The movie caught my attention long before it’s release date, i guess with it’s very first poster, and climbed the way to the number one in my wishlist with each teaser. But was excited and scared at the same time. Continue reading Interstellar [2014]