People come and people will depart from our lives. Some we love, others we hate or despise. A few serve us as models for what we want to become. There are those people who hurt us and we continue to love them while others have never wronged us, yet we let them go like they never were. There are some ties transcending time, logic or destiny. There are people whom we loved and  thought that we always will, and that only became anonymous among anonymous.

People come and go from our lives. People whom we said that we will never forget and yet we remember nothing about. People like us and different people. People whom we think we understand and people we don’t know how to decipher. There are people who influence us through what they are and people that shape us through what they lack. People come and people go from our lives. And if you are lucky enough, there’s that one person that stays forever no matter what. 


The Martian – Official Trailer

I just got excited about seeing a teaser for The Martian and now, just half an hour after my post, we finally get to see a trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian. The movie comes out later this years on November 25 and will star Matt Damon as Mark Watney and will be directed by Ridley Scott.  For those of you who don’t know, The Martian is Andy Weir’s acclaimed book and tells the story of an american astronaut stranded on Mars after presumed dead by his crew. He need to find ways to survive on the hostile environment of the Red Planet as much as we finds a way to return home. The book is a great read as Mark Watney is quite a likable fellow and also optimistic, considering his situation. I’m convince now that Matt Damon will play this role perfectly. If you haven’t read the book, you still have time to do it before the movie comes out.

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The Book of Eli – A Journey of Faith

I believe every film has a phrase, a key sequence that includes the essence and the message of the entire movie. The core of “The Book of Eli” I found in this phrase, uttered by the character played by Denzel Washington, shortly before concluding his journey:

“In all these years I’ve been carrying it and reading it every day, I got so caught up in keeping it safe that I forgot to live by what I learned from it.”

Since I saw the first trailer I knew I am not allowed to miss this movie. It did not disappoint me. It has great photography and Denzel Washington is doing a damn fine job in the leading role as wanderer Eli, one of the few people left alive after a great war that devastated the world and transformed America into a desolate wilderness. Throughout the film we discover that the terrible war started for religious reasons and that after the war was over, all Bibles were destroyed.

Eli’s journey begins after he hears a voice that guides him to the only place on Earth were a copy of the the holy book survived. The voice then commands him to bring it to the West, to a place where people are in real need for it. In exchange for this service, the Voice promises protection and guidance during the journey and Eli begins a 30 years long journey, during which he reads daily from the book he carries. This last Scripture proves to be very important to some people who won’t hesitate to kill in order to acquire the it for it’s immense power and value.

The interesting part of this film, highlighted in the quote above, is that although it is contrary to the message of love contained in the book, both Eli and those who seek to take the book, will not hesitate to use violence or to kill to impose their views.

Often in our fight to defend what we believe in, or to encourage others to believe in the same things as we do, we overlook the values we are trying to share, and we use violence, in verbal or – worst – physical form so that we violate the freedom of faith and the message loses it’s whole purpose: to make us better people.The film speaks about religious fanaticism and faith – about how people understand and apply God’s will.

The Book of Eli has profound implications, challenging our moral believes. Plot wise, the movie follows Eli as he is being hunted down by an obscure “tribe” chief  who was seeking the book that Eli has in order to complete his library and also use the powers of this book to gain power. I would have preferred to see an organization with the specific purpose to seek and destroy all the books and Eli to be  hunted by this guys instead. Finally, the end is really surprising, at least to a certain point, but I prefer not to say anything about it, I’m sure some have not yet seen the movie and I do not want to ruin it.

So the movie is great, but the idea had a much greater potential than what was actually delivered by Albert and Allen Hughe. The movie resembles the world from Mad Max (the old trilogy), as from it’s image and clothing. If they have given this some more thoughts, The Book of Eli could have been a masterpiece and a reference for the post-apocalyptic genre. It still remains a great movie, but not something special. In any case not better then Will Smith’s I Am Legend.

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Ex Machina – A dream in black and white

Ex Machina intrigued me just by reading it’s synopsis and there was only one word I could think of to describe it: unsettling. Ex Machina is a spectacular sci-fi take on Artificial Intelligence. While the subject was popular and used constantly ever since we invented the concept of Artificial Inteligence, Ex Machina wins at least two major points: the scenography of the movie and the amazing acting. You will never feel that you see actors doing their stuff. Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson are so good with their roles that I had the feeling I witness something both amazing and terrifying. You can actually see the genius madness into Nathan’s eyes.  If that’s not great acting, I don’t not what is.


The movie debuts with Caleb, a young programmer who works for Bluebook, an internet giant, the movie’s version of Google. The young coder is selected to participate to an exclusive Turing Test for a newly created AI. He is invited by the the company’s CEO, Nathan, to his remote research facility somewhere in the middle of nowhere. (The amazing house from the film is actually in Norway.)


The uncomfortable feeling  of the movie begins as soon as Caleb enters the facility, You get the clear sensations that this is not going to be a fairy tale. And it isn’t. Caleb is genuinely excited about the opportunity to be the person chosen to perform the test, as well as scared that he has to meet the CEO of the company he works for.

The movie follows the way the relationship between Caleb and Ava develops. Ava is the android who’s put at test as Caleb must decide if her self-consciousnesses is real or not. I won’t get into much more details plot wise – but you have to trust me on this one – there are some weird, twisted things happening inside that facility. And the fact that there are only a handful of characters in Ex Machina, that creates the perfect opportunity for some really deep philosophical and scientific discussions.


Ex Machina is a visual delight and some hard to digest food for thought, as this subject is more actual than ever. Should we really create something that outsmarts us? The renowned physicist Stephen Hawkins warned us that creating artificial intelligence will most likely lead to the extinction of the human species. What a cheerful thought! I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this one to be honest. Did you guys liked Ex Machina? It was one of the best movies I’ve seen lately.


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Mad Max: Fury Road – A lovely day indeed

Was I hyped for this one or what? Mad Max: Fury Road hit theaters last weekend and had an estimated $109.4 million grossing world-wide with  $44.4 million in the United States alone in just 3 days. With a budget of $150 million, I believe it’s safe to say that the return of George Miller’s Mad Max franchise is going to be a profitable one. There are 2 new movies to be made to complete a new trilogy with a second installment title already announced: Mad Max: The Wasteland, according to


The excellent reviews and an 8.8 score on IMDb are well deserved. The movie is spectacular, a cinematographic old school masterpiece, one you should not miss seeing on the big screen. Mad Max: Fury Road will make you forgot to breathe as I haven’t seen such a dynamic movie since Crank. The movie doesn’t win many points for the storytelling in a conventional way, but it creates such a great atmosphere that the visuals are so immersive that I needed a few full minutes to get myself back to reality. Unexpected, there’s not allot of CGI in Mad Max: Fury Road. This feature is used exclusively when needed and there’s not a single moment when you would think that it’s too much.


I won’t talk about the plot of the movie, I would only say that that the title is fully deserved. Tom Hardy is the perfect Max as I can’t imagine somebody else for the role. Charlize Theron is also a great addition to the cast of the movie and I’m looking forward to see more of her in the future. There is allot to be discovered from the Mad Max universe. I would definitely love to learn more about the flamethrower guitar guy! This guy alongside that chastity belt were some of the hilariously awesome parts of the movie. And I have to mention how much I enjoyed the sandstorm sequence. It was beyond epic. Make sure you go and watch this in cinema. It won’t dissapoint. And now back to waiting for the game to come out.


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Memory 2.0 – A tale of love lost in the distant future

A tale of love lost in the distant future where people relive their fondest memories with virtual reality. Everything spins out of control for our Hero as the lines between reality and the virtual memories begin to blur. A film by  .

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Exclusive “Childhood’s End” trailer

After a short teaser for the upcoming series “Childhood’s End, based on the work of Arthur C. Clarke, we now have a full 2 minutes trailer. And I have to say, it looks amazing. People were indeed thrilled about the news last time I posted the first news and there were allot of talks about how they are going to screw things up with this one. As far as this goes, even if they won’t stay true the book, I still want to watch this. I also love the choice for Mike Vogel for the leading role. You can watch the trailer bellow:

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